External Attack Surface Management

Reduce cybersecurity costs with automation. Start fixing efficiently.

Cynergy: Next Generation EASM Powered by Automated Remediation

Cynergy meticulously scans and monitors your external attack surface, offering comprehensive insights into your organization’s security posture. With the Cynergy platform, proactively identify and remedy vulnerabilities, preempting potential data breaches or cyber attacks. Ensure the protection of your organization and sensitive data with our robust external attack surface management platform.


Get full visibility on external threats
Cynergy facilitates the identification and compilation of your organization’s subsidiaries and third-party exposed assets. Unlike alternative platforms, Cynergy operates in both Blackbox (Discovery mode) and Whitebox (Manual addition mode), offering the flexibility to conduct active and passive asset discovery, minimizing false positives.

Continuous automated validation
When Cynergy identifies a vulnerability, it undergoes rigorous validation to verify its legitimacy as a genuine security threat. This validation process empowers your team to take immediate action on confirmed vulnerabilities, eliminating the need to pursue false positive issues.

Address security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations swiftly, reducing resolution time from weeks to mere seconds with Cynergy. Benefit from a plethora of pre-built mitigations and remediations designed to resolve cloud misconfigurations, web application vulnerabilities, DNS vulnerabilities, and data leaks—all accessible to your team with a simple click.

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