Manage & Protect Hybrid Active Directory

Complete Security and Management across On-Premises Active Directory, Azure AD, and Office 365

Manage, Monitor, and Recover Microsoft Environments

Discover Cayosoft’s complete hybrid security and management platform: With features ranging from user provisioning and group management to change monitoring and recovery, the Cayosoft Management and Protection Suite is the best choice for holistic oversight and secure management of your entire Microsoft environment.


Cayosoft Guardian: Hybrid AD Monitoring and Recovery

The modern approach to protecting your hybrid Active Directory environment

Don’t wait for cyber-attacks to strike; be ready for them with Cayosoft Guardian. Prepare for worst-case scenarios and reduce their fallout. Address limitations, identify vulnerabilities, detect attacks early, and swiftly recover to minimize harm.



Speed up backup and recovery by opting for smaller, more focused backups: at least three times quicker than traditional tools. Cayosoft Guardian seamlessly complements your current backup and recovery setup.


Instant recovery
Undo undesired alterations and promptly restore hybrid identities. With detailed change logs, swiftly locate and rectify unwanted modifications, including adjustments to group memberships, group policy objects (GPOs), account settings, Microsoft licensing, Microsoft Teams memberships, and accidental AD object deletions.


Monitor changes
Keep a constant eye on changes and receive instant alerts across Active Directory, Azure AD, Office 365, and other crucial Microsoft systems and cloud services. Ensure adherence to compliance, legal, and regulatory requirements.

Bug shield

Threat detection
Automatically pinpoint and reverse malicious alterations across your entire hybrid AD environment, thwarting attackers before they can exploit vulnerabilities. Proactively monitor for recognized attack routes, identify and resolve system misconfigurations, indicators of exposure (IOE), and indicators of compromise (IOC).

See Cayosoft Guardian in action:

Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery: Instant AD Forest Recovery 

Instant AD forest recovery technology, only available from Cayosoft

Does INSTANT Active Directory Forest Recovery exist? While many doubt the possibility, Cayosoft has innovated with patent-pending technology to change how it’s done, proving it works every time!

Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery automates the entire forest recovery process – allowing you to get back to business quicker than ever. Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery’s all-encompassing backup and recovery plans cover vital tasks such as domain controller recovery, global catalog configuration, DNS configuration, raising RID pools, seizing FSMO roles, setting DSRM passwords, managing group policy objects (GPOs), and other indispensable actions.

With Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery you get all Cayosoft Guardian’s features and more.


Instant forest recovery
Speed up forest recovery and resume operations at a rate 10 times faster than native or third-party processes.
The one-click forest recovery includes over 35 operations recommended by Microsoft, ensuring safe, comprehensive restoration. 

Guarantee recovery
Effortlessly and routinely evaluate the effectiveness of your disaster recovery plan in replicated environments and virtual labs.

Clean restore anywhere
Simplify the forest recovery process by utilizing authoritative restores to bring Windows servers back to a pristine state, ensuring a secure recovery and preventing malware from reemerging.
Opt for restoration to on-premises physical servers, virtual machines (VMs), or Azure VMs for unparalleled recovery adaptability.

See Cayosoft Guardian Forest Recovery in action:

Cayosoft Administrator: Manage and Automate Hybrid AD

The one-stop solution to manage on-prem AD, EntraID, and Office365

Cayosoft Administrator makes Active Directory and Office 365 management easier with a single interface for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid setups.


Automate user provisioning: Hybrid AD & Office 365
The manual process of user provisioning, deprovisioning, and account management is time-consuming. Hybrid environments only further complicate the work. Enable smart provisioning and deprovisioning directly from your HR system or another external data source, such as an SQL database, a csv file, and more.

Reduce manual labour
Do more with less hands: Automate regular admin tasks and intricate procedures to lower expenses and reduce human errors. Administrator boasts a range of rules, policies, reporting guidelines, runbooks, and more to maintain data accuracy and optimize operations.

Control access
Enable self-service tasks and give day-to-day admins the power to do more safely with precise access roles, dynamic attribute policies, and thorough change auditing. Stay in control and avoid trouble: Enforce zero-trust policies, regulate access even on the attribute level.

Manage Microsoft Teams
Balancing security and efficiency, Cayosoft Administrator offers advanced Teams administration capabilities, including delegation, automated updates for groups or Teams memberships, telephony management, and policy assignment control.

See Cayosoft Administrator in action:

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