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Fortify your internal security by enforcing zero trust policies and keeping track of all your devices

Elevate Your Cybersecurity Posture

We partnered with the world’s leading software vendors to offer you security products we truly believe in. Covering every employee’s physical computer as well as managing and organizing highly privileged service accounts, we will help your organization minimize every attack surface – external or internal.


Absolute Secure Endpoint - Resilience: BIOS Embedded Endpoint Security

Protect your devices, applications, and data. Ensure resilience against cyber threats for your endpoints and vital applications.

Did you know your device is already packing Absolute’s complete security technology? Over 600 million devices worldwide have Absolute Persistence® factory-embedded into their core.

At the forefront of endpoint resilience, Absolute is a global leader, offering solutions that empower your organization to endure and recover from cybersecurity threats and attacks on endpoints and essential installed applications.


Monitor application health
Monitor critical health indicators for 2,000 Windows and Mac apps necessary for business, productivity, and security. Detect failures and investigate the reasons behind them.

Self-heal critical applications
Utilize Application Resilience to automatically repair or reinstall vital applications if they get disabled or aren’t running properly.

Remotely remediate and recover
Enhance your response and recovery capabilities by leveraging personalized scripts across devices. Tackle challenges such as dark endpoints, ransomware attacks, and vulnerabilities through automation with custom or pre-built Absolute Reach scripts.

Detect device movement
Create geofences to detect any unauthorized device movements, triggering alerts whenever a device crosses a predefined boundary.

Freeze devices at risk
Activate remote device freezing upon threat detection, and provide users with a personalized message automatically or upon request.

Selectively delete sensitive data
Selectively delete files on any device anywhere, or even completely wipe out the device according to NIST 800-88 with compliance certificate.

Recover stolen devices
Locate and retrieve stolen devices with the Absolute Investigation team experts in collaboration with local law enforcement.

Learn more about Secure Endpoint's unparalleled technology:

Secret Sever: PAM Software


Enhance your privileged account protection with our industry-leading Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution.

Secret Server stands out as the top Privileged Access Management vault in the market, favored by IT Admins and Security professionals for its ease of use, lower total cost of ownership, and robust features.

Enjoy the quickest time to value with Secret Server, available for cloud and on-premise deployment. With tiered capabilities and pricing, Secret Server Cloud and Secret Server On-premise provide the flexibility to match your requirements, all while boosting security, efficiency, and productivity.


Secure vault
Secure your privileged credentials in an encrypted, centralized vault. Whether it’s Active Directory credentials, local logins, SAP accounts, or web logins, Secret Server offers nearly 60 credential templates, ensuring comprehensive coverage of sensitive credentials.

Discover privileged accounts
Identify all service, application, administrator, and root accounts to prevent sprawl and attain a comprehensive overview of your privileged access.

Automate and delegate
Automate password rotation, enforce complexity standards, and handle dependencies seamlessly. Introduce approval workflows for access requests. Access control facilitates the enforcement and management of a least privilege policy, ensuring users are granted only the access essential for their job roles.

Control sessions
Integrate session launching, proxies, monitoring, and recording functionalities. Efficiently record sessions with screen and keystroke recording features. Utilize Session Monitoring to gain real-time insight into all privileged user sessions initiated from Secret Server, allowing administrators to monitor active sessions, terminate risky or unauthorized ones promptly, or directly communicate with users.

Enhance reporting and compliance
Streamline auditing, alerting, and reporting processes to meet regulatory standards and showcase compliance to internal and external auditors. Benefit from out-of-the-box and customizable reporting features, making executive reviews and audits hassle-free.

See Secret Server in action:

Privilege Manager: Endpoint & Application Control


Endpoint privilege management and application control software.

Mitigate malware and modern security threats from exploiting applications by removing local administrative rights and enforcing least privilege on endpoints


Local security
Take control of local endpoint security with precision and implement a policy-driven Least Privilege posture. Effectively manage local users and groups, control local admin rights, and automate password rotation. Use Privilege Manager to automatically revoke all local administrative privileges on endpoints, ensuring adherence to a least privilege policy. With application-level privilege elevation, users can access necessary systems without elevated user-level privileges.

Application control
Manage every application on your endpoints with tailored policies, featuring dynamic allow/deny and restrict/elevate rules, live application analysis, approval workflows, and more. Use Privilege Manager’s out-of-the-box policies, or customize every bit to your needs.

Audit and report
Privilege Manager offers a centralized reporting dashboard for swift assessment of endpoint status, activity logs, and event data. With a comprehensive library of reports, this responsive and customizable dashboard allows you to analyze reports across various dimensions such as time, geographical region, operating system, and status. Additionally, you can configure automated alerts from the dashboard to remain updated on potential issues.

See Privilege Manager in action:

Account Lifecycle Manager: Simplify Service Account Management


Streamline service account governance seamlessly from discovery and provisioning to decommissioning.

Acquire a full view of your privileged attack surface and mitigate risks associated with service account lifecycle management.

With Account Lifecycle Manager, you can effectively tackle the expansion of service accounts while gaining control over them through workflows and automated functions for provisioning, governance, compliance, and decommissioning.


Establish workflows
Configure provisioning workflows, with customizable approval settings for each account request type. The bi-directional integration with ServiceNow seamlessly integrates service account governance into IT workflows. Additionally, ALM provides an API for automating any function available in the UI.

Delegate ownership
Control user access, setup, and request workflow using role-based permissions. Employ pre-defined roles like System Admin, Account Owner, Requesters, and Approvers, and craft additional roles as needed to support specific business functions. Ensure compliance with Separation of Duties (SOD) by implementing an approval process orchestrated by administrators.

Provision accounts
Regulate service accounts with automated provisioning. Establish templates detailing account creation protocols. Enable hassle-free decommissioning of service accounts without interruptions. Effectively mitigate service account sprawl and strengthen your security posture.

Monitor and report
Establish accountability and ownership of service accounts. Conduct compliance audits seamlessly through account searches, reporting, and logging functionalities. Stay informed with notifications directly integrated into your workflow for prompt action.

Server Suite: AD Bridging Software


Enhance security posture by enforcing just-in-time and just-enough privileges across Linux, Unix, and Windows servers, managed centrally via Active Directory policies.

Utilize Delinea’s patented Zone technology to centralize discovery, management, and user administration across Linux, Unix, and Windows systems, facilitating seamless identity consolidation into Active Directory. Experience heightened levels of identity assurance and a notable reduction in the attack surface, minimizing identity silos, redundant identities, and local accounts.


Manage identities from a single interface
Manage privileged user and service accounts spanning Windows and Linux environments directly within Active Directory.

Simplify authentication
Make user authentication to servers hassle-free across diverse directory services, encompassing Active Directory, Open LDAP, and cloud directories like Azure AD, Okta, or Ping. Fortify access security for Linux, Unix, and Windows virtual systems and containers through enforced MFA, ensuring heightened identity assurance.

Record and monitor
Uncover and prevent privilege abuse, thwart malicious attacks, and effortlessly showcase regulatory compliance using detailed audit trails and video recordings capturing every privileged activity. Simplify visual analysis with searchable recordings for streamlined investigative processes.

Control privilege
Ensure the principle of least privilege is enforced across both on-premise and cloud-based Windows, Linux, and UNIX infrastructure, spanning multiple clouds. Reduce standing privilege to thwart potential data breaches or ransomware attacks by inhibiting lateral movement. Administrators have the capability to request just-in-time (JIT) privilege elevation for specified periods.

Gytpol: Detect and remediate misconfigurations

Securely eliminate blind spots and strengthen security at the push of a button, with no disruption.

Misconfigurations: from bad defaults and setup errors to imperfect policy enforcement and unpatchable vulnerabilities – they are both common and costly. Due to operational fragmentation, they are also difficult to detect and even harder to rectify. With Gytpol, you can confidently make changes without worrying about breaking things. Plus, any change can be instantly undone with a click.


Detect misconfigurations
Take control of local endpoint security with precision and implement a policy-driven Least Privilege posture. Effectively manage local users and groups, control local admin rights, and automate password rotation. Use Privilege Manager to automatically revoke all local administrative privileges on endpoints, ensuring adherence to a least privilege policy. With application-level privilege elevation, users can access necessary systems without elevated user-level privileges.

Automate remediation
Gytpol makes remediation as simple as pushing a button. By mapping configuration dependencies, it lets users implement changes confidently and without disruption. Moreover, every change can be instantly reverted with a single click.

Enforce secure policies
Having a policy is just the start; knowing it’s correctly designed and applied is key. Gytpol helps you set your security baseline based on available controls and best configuration practices, ensuring policies are accurately created and enforced across the network. With pre-validation of enforcement mechanisms and dynamic application of policies to new group members, Gytpol removes all guesswork and uncertainty.

Check out the new and improved GYTPOL 2.0:

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